XN2 Voltage, Frequency and ROCOF (df/dt)

Mains decoupling / Generator Protection / Load shedding


The relay XN2 of the easy PROFESSIONAL LINE is a universal mains decoupling relay and contains the protective functions required for the mains parallel operation of power stations:

Over- and undervoltage protection
Over- and underfrequency protection
Phase sequence supervision
in addition, for the XN2-1: vector surge (fast decoupling of the generator in case of mains failure)
in addition, for the XN2-2: df/dt (fast decoupling of the generator via frequency gradient supervision)
The XN2 is compliant with IEC 60255-1.

Order Variants of the XN2

XN2-1 (voltage, frequency, vector surge) – ANSI 27, 59, 78V
XN2-2 (voltage, frequency, df/dt) – ANSI 27, 59, 81R
Benefits of the Professional Line

Fast DIN rail mounting ⇛ easy and fast mounting
Sealable plastic covers ⇛ safe (see if anybody has broken the seal)
Super easy settings via front buttons ⇛ fast without computer
LED and output relays fault indication ⇛ easy to find out what has happened
Compact form factor ⇛ fits in small spaces
IT security ⇛ no way to attack via Ethernet
Robust and reliable ⇛ well proven reliable quality
Wide Range Power Supply ⇛ don’t worry about available supply voltage
Integrated Self-Test Procedure (via button) ⇛ fast and easy checks: relays, LEDs