SEG MRM4 Motor Protection 1A/5A

Door mounting, 8 digital inputs, 6 output relays, phase current 1A/5A


The MRM4 is a motor protection relay provides precise and reliable protective functions and is very easy to operate. The MRM4 provides all necessary functions to protect low and medium voltage motors at all power levels. The protection functions are based on current measurement. They supervise the motor start sequence (motor start), they detect a stall or locked rotor condition and they monitor the thermal condition of the motor. Overcurrent and earth overcurrent protection as well as unbalanced load protection are included in the protection package. The status and operation of the motor will also be monitored by means of the statistic and trend recorder. All important events and measuring values will be logged by means of the start, event, failure and disturbance recorder. The protection functions of the MRM4 have been adapted to comply with the requirements of the VDE‑AR‑N‑4110:2018.