SEG IRI1 – Time overcurrent relay

The digital time overcurrent relay IRI1 is a universal protection device for low, medium and high voltage networks.


When compared with traditional protection systems the protective relaying with MR- and IR-relays
of our HIGH TECH LINE offers several advantages.
All MR protection relays are based on microprocessor technology. They present the generation of
our most efficient protection relays, because of their capabilities to process the measuring values
digitally and to perform arithmetical and logical operation. Additional advantages such as very low
power consumption, adaptability, possibilities for self-supervision, flexible construction, selection of
relay characteristics are completely utilized.
 Some IR protection relays are based on microprocessor and some on analog technology. They
present our low-priced protection relay generation and are used for all basic protection application.
 The following properties of the IR protection relays, such as:
• Integration of multiple protection functions into one compact housing,
• User-friendly setting procedure by means of DIP-switches,
• Compact design due to SMD-technique,
are their superiority over the traditional protection systems.
For all applications of a more complex nature, e.g. directional earth fault detection and where operating convenience, fault analysis and communication ability are required, MR-relays are used.
 All relays of the HIGH TECH LINE are available for through panel mounting and in 19“ racks.
Connection terminals are of plug-in type. All IEC/DIN regulations required for the individual
application are reliably met by these relays.