PROACT ITB 120MM Valve/Act, MS, Speed Ctrl

120MM Integrated Throttle Body (ITB) with digital electric ProAct II actuator, MS connector, no return spring, for speed control.

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Woodward’s ProAct™ digital electric actuator and positioner incorporate a rotary output shaft used to accurately position valves for engine control. 
The ProAct ITB has an integrated 120MM valve throttle body. 

The ProAct Digital actuator includes an integral digital driver/positioner that:

  • Controls the actuator 
  • Monitors the health of the actuator
  • Communicates with the control system
  • Output—Rotary shaft, 75 degrees, 7 to 37 J (5 to 27 ft-lb)
  • Input Power—18-32 Vdc, 20 A max