F-SERIES ITB 68mm, 14-Pin, Std Mnt, A

The F-Series Integrated Throttle Bodies (ITB) are butterfly valves electrically actuated by an F-Series actuator to control flow output. The F-Series ITB is designed to throttle air or air/fuel mixtures for gaseous engines in industrial and on-highway service.


Woodward’s F-Serie ITB (Integrated Throttle Body) is either a combination F-Series actuator + throttle body with integral electronics.  
As part of a total control system, the integral electronics position the throttle according to the command of a separate engine control unit (ECU), and provide position feedback to the ECU. When the CANbus communications interface is used, the electronics also provide diagnostic information to the ECU.
The robust, bi-directional F-Series actuator uses LAT (Limited Angle Torque) motor technology to drive the actuator to position very quickly. Slew rates are on the order of 80 mSec, compared to 160 mSec or more for competing technologies. The actuator can accept a PWM, J1939 CAN, 4-20 mA, or 0-5 Vdc position demand signal.
F-Series is designed to be engine-mounted for various position control functions on reciprocating engines and is ideal for on-highway vehicles and stationary gaseous-fueled generators or pumps. The electric actuator requires no hydraulics, pneumatics, grease or gear train and is therefore highly reliable. And, it’s integral electronics eliminate the need for a separate dedicated driver box.

Position control application examples can include:

• Fuel rack positioning
• Throttle valve positioning 
• Active waste-gate valve positioning 
• Compressor by-pass valve positioning 
• Compressor re-circulation valve positioning 
• Other engine position control functions