SEG MRU4 Voltage Relay 800V

Door mounting, 8 digital inputs, 6 output relays, voltage measuring 800V, Modbus RTU / IEC 60870-5-103 / DNP3.0 RTU, RS485, Terminals


The voltage protection relay MRU4 provides precise and reliable protective functions and is very easy to operate. It is designed to protect electrical equipment from dangerous voltage fluctuations. For example protection against under voltages caused by mains shortcircuits, or overvoltages due to load shedding or failure of a generator voltage controller. Its compact design makes the MRU4 ideal for installation within the LV terminal compartments of compact SF6-insulated MV systems. The protection functions of the MRU4 have been adapted to comply with the requirements of the VDE‑AR‑N‑4110:2018.