SEG MCDLV4 Line Differential Protection 1A/5A 800V

Door mounting, 8 digital inputs, 7 output relays, phase current 1A/5A, voltage measuring 800V, IEC 61850 / Modbus TCP / DNP3.0 TCP/UDP, Ethernet RJ45, Long-distance Prot. Comm., fiber optics LC connector, IEC 60870-5-103 / Modbus RTU / DNP3.0 RTU, RS485, Terminals


The cable / line differential protection relay MCDLV4 is designed to be used pairwise for protecting cables and lines up to 24 km. There can even be an in-zone transformer within the line to be protected. In addition, it comes with a very comprehensive protection package like phase, restricted earth fault, inrush detection, and monitoring functions including grid interconnection and control functionality up to 6 switchgears. The intuitive operating concept with plausibility checks and extensive commissioning functions such as the built-in fault simulator allows a safe and time-optimized maintenance and commissioning. The parameter setting and evaluation software Smart view can be used consistently across the entire family of devices. Smart view is even capable of monitoring the remote MCDLV4 via the protection communication interface between the two MCDLV4 devices.